Driver Training Vehicle

The mission changes - so does BOXER

BOXER Driver Training Vehicle (DTV) provides realistic training for drivers of all BOXER variants and it permits the highest level of quality and safety of driver training. This variant consists of a standard Drive Module and the Driver Training Mission Module. Weight and ride behaviour completely match the characteristics of the Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC).

Occupant protection is a feature in BOXER DTV which protects the crew sitting in the driver training cabin. In the event of a roll-over accident, the seats in the driver training cabin are quickly retracted into the Mission Module in a controlled manner.

BOXER DTV can carry a crew of 4 besides the driver. The instructor and one crew member (e.g. the driving test examiner) are seated in an elevated position in the glass enclosed driver’s training cabin to ensure the best possible view. Two other crew members are accommodated in the rear of the Mission Module.

The instructor can monitor the trainee driver via a duplicated control and display unit and override gear selection, brake or accelerator pedal of the driver’s station. Steering override is available as well as an option.
The electrical cabin equipment, such as windscreen wiper / washer, windscreen heating, seat heating etc. are operated via a digital control unit. The large glazed cabin, the mirror and camera systems ensure the instructor a sufficient field of view including the immediate surroundings of the vehicle.

An additional air conditioner provides cooling for the cabin crew at high ambient temperatures.

Key features
Maximum speed 100 km/h
Engine capacity (ISO) up to 600 kW (816 hp)
Engine type MTU V8 199TE20/21
Range 1,000 km
Electrical system 24 V DC, up to 540 A
Max. gross vehicle weight up to 38.5 t
Max. straight gradient 60%
Max. slope gradient 30%
Trench crossing 2.0 m
Step climbing ability 0.8 m
Turning radius 7.5 m (skid steering)
Length 7.93 m
Width 2.99 m
Height (hull roof) 3.30 m
Ground clearance 0.5 m
Crew: 5 (driver, instructor, examiner or crew member, 2 trainees
Fire extinguishing system in engine compartment
Rollover protection
Override gear selector/brake pedal/accelerator pedal
Additional air conditioning also for the cabin
Intercom system (driver, instructor, examiner)
Exemplary Options
Steering override
Intercom system for entire crew
Further cameras
Modified Optronic sight system (of BOXER Ambulance) for commander

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