Cargo Vehicle

The mission changes - so does BOXER

Adequate and timely re-supply is essential for a successful mission. BOXER Cargo variant is designed to trans port and distribute two standard one ton army pallets under armour to supply even exposed units on the battlefield.

It is equipped with an innovative easy-to-use cargo system for safe and flexible handling of the payload. The Mission Module can be rapidly adapted to different mission scenarios. Racks, seats and shelves can be removed, added or rearranged to achieve the best setup for the mission purpose.

High mobility even on heavy terrain and an outstanding level of protection are the key enablers in supply missions to reconnaissance and combat forces, providing full protection to the logistic crew against battlefield threats. To achieve optimum performance during operational missions BOXER Cargo can optionally support its two man crew with the latest generation situational awareness and other C4I assets like battle management systems. Remote controlled weapon stations, additional ballistic protection or active protection systems are available as options.

In addition to high flexibility and mobility, the combat proven BOXER Cargo provides its crew with extraordinary survivability and superior protection against mines (AT, AP), IEDs, highest ballistic threats (incl. artillery fragments), NBC threats and detection (radar, noise, solar loading).

Key features
Maximum speed 100 km/h
Engine capacity (ISO) up to 600 kW (816 hp)
Engine type MTU V8 199TE20/21
Range 1,000 km
Electrical system 24 V DC, up to 540 A
Max. gross vehicle weight up to 38.5 t
Max. straight gradient 60%
Max. slope gradient 30%
Trench crossing 2.0 m
Step climbing ability 0.8 m
Turning radius 7.5 m (skid steering)
Length 7.93 m
Width 2.99 m
Height (hull roof) 2.38 m
Ground clearance 0.5 m
Protected volume 14 m³
Crew: 3 (driver, commander, gunner)
Capacity: 2 x 1 t army cargo pallet
Fire extinguishing system in engine compartment and fire suppression system in crew compartment
Air conditioning and NBC-protection system
Rear view camera
Exemplary Options
Remote Controlled Weapon Station with Smoke-Grenade Launcher
Modular protection kits (ballistic, bomblets, IEDs, mine)
Active Protection System
360° Situational Awareness System

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