Excellent mobility under all conditions

To be able to follow a MBT (Leopard 2) cross-country mobility requirements have been qualified at the current vehicle’s maximum combat weight and under the most extreme environmental conditions. Rapid Strategic Mobility in a combat-ready configuration is ensured by the capability of being deployed by road, train, sea or air (A400M). By splitting the Drive and the Mission Module even more flexibility is being provided.

  • "Best of two" - mobility performance of tracked vehicles off-road, and of wheeled vehicles on-road

    • All independent wheel suspension
    • All steering mechanisms above the wheels in protected positions
    • Permanent 8x8 drive with 4 axle differentials and 2 inter-axle differentials
    • Central tyre inflation system
    • Combat wheels with integrated run-flat system
    • 27" tyres
  • High performance power-pack

    • Powerful V8 530 kW multi-fuel engine
    • Providing best agility in heavy terrain and the power for growth potential
    • The engine is exchangeable in the field within 30 minutes

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