Survivability without compromise

The modular design of a multi-layer floor concept and safety cell provides a unique overmatch behaviour that minimises the "catastrophic kill" risk from mine and IED attacks. The underlying protection philosophy of the BOXER provides a multi-hit capability and sufficient residual mobility after attacks. The BOXER is fully operative with the whole crew - even driver and commander - under armour. In order to prevent an impact, the BOXER follows a new generation of stealth design, low acoustic, infrared and radar signatures

  • Proven protection against ballistic threats

    • Highest protection level in its class - in terms of heavy machine guns, automatic medium calibre machine cannons, bomblets and artillery fragments
    • Crew compartment completely covered by spall liner
    • Optional reactive and active protection systems against e.g. RPG7

  • Integrated state-of-the-art protection against mine/IED

    • Resistant against all kinds of AP and AT mines under wheel and belly
    • Protected against IEDs with heavy blast at short distance
    • Optional protection kits against IEDs and mines with EFP and heavy fragments, e.g. TRMP6/7

  • Modular mounting of versatile protection systems

    • passive armour (incl. ceramics), reactive armour and active systems can be mounted
    • enabling easy adaptation to different threat scenarios and integration of future technologies



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