Cargo Vehicle

The mission changes - so does BOXER

Adequate and timely re-supply is essential for a successful mission. The Cargo variant of the BOXER vehicle is capable of safely distributing over two tonnes of supply items to units on the battlefield.

The variant is equipped with an innovative system for safe and flexible cargo carrying and can transport a maximum of two standard one tonne army pallets. In a first batch the Dutch Army ordered 27 BOXER vehicles in the Cargo variant.

The Cargo variant is an excellent support vehicle and is capable of distributing supply items under protection to all reconnaissance and combat units in theatre. The vehicle provides its two man crew with the equipment they need to achieve optimum task performance during operational missions.

The interior design of the vehicle allows adaptation as necessary for different kinds of missions. For conducting peace keeping missions or other peace time operations the set of vehicle equipment can be changed and tailored to suit as required.

Key features
Maximum speed 103 km/h
Minimum speed 3 km/h
Engine capacity (ISO) 530 kW (720 hp)
Range 1,050 Km
Max. straight gradient 60%
Max. slope gradient 30%
Trench crossing 2.0 m
Step climbing ability 0.8 m
Turning circle (skid steering) 15 m
Length 7.93 m
Width 2.99 m
Height (hull roof) 2.37 m
Ground clearance 0.50 m
Track 2.58 m
Protected volume 14 m³
Crew: 2 (1 driver, 1 commander/weapon operator)
2 metric tonnes cargo
Innovative cargo floor system
Additional optronic sight system for commander
Air Condition and NBC-protection systems
Fire extinguishing system (engine compartment)
Exemplary Options
Navigation system
Smoke-grenade launching system
Rear view camera
Fire extinguishing system (Mission Module)
Different protection kits
Remote controlled weapon station

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